Mini Bar

Are you party and colors? Do you want to give that gas to the biggest hits from the 90's? Then the Mini Bar is the place for you! It is Copenhagen's largest 90's bar, where it is always in it.

All good from the 90's

At Gothersgade in the heart of Copenhagen you will find the Mini Bar. Here there is room for everyone as long as they like music and the atmosphere of the 90's, as it is the focal point of the atmosphere at the bar. The atmosphere at Mini Bar reminds you of the good old party or warming, which you often keep at home. A homely atmosphere coupled with strange surroundings creates the setting for a festive evening.

Although there is a focus on 90's hits, there are also times between hits from the 80s or current hits. You can be sure that something will be played during the evening, which will fall into your taste. If you just want to sit and enjoy the music together with a good drink, you can. At the back of the bar you will find a room where you can talk in a quiet environment.

The Mini Bar has a number of options at their bark and some of the city's best prices. The always friendly bartenders stand ready behind the bar to give you a good service. You can choose from everything from big draft beer, champagne and vodka with redbull to an exciting selection of cocktails. You can find classic cocktails such as mojito and white russian or one of their special cocktails such as milk cutters, snoring strips or a zapp. There is a little to suit all tastes and if you do not want to drink alcohol, there is also a selection of juices and soft drinks that you can choose from.

Extra: You can also hold your birthday or similar private event on the Mini Bar!

If you are in doubt about where to start your trip, the Mini Bar is definitely worth a visit. There is good music and delicious drinks at reasonable prices.


Gothersgade 35, 1123 København K

Contact info

Tlf.: 33 15 33 05
E-mail: eller

Opening Hours

Torsdag: 19.00 - 05.00
Fredag: 19.00 - 05.00
Lørdag: 19.00 - 05.00


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