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We all know about the Golden Gull - better known as McDonald's. McDonald's has taken the world by storm, and if not tasted, then everyone has heard about the fast food chain at some point. The fast food chain's restaurants are distributed throughout the country, and here Aalborg is no exception. If it comes to Aalborg, you can find McDonald's in Aalborg on Østerågade 17.

If you love sinful fast food, then you can almost be sure there are a few different things on the menu at McDonald's that will suit your taste. Juicy burgers, crispy pomegranates or maybe an iconic sunday ice cream with caramel sauce? The options on the menu are very many, and most people may not recognize having queued at the local McDonald's and thought "what should I order?".

If we take a closer look at the menu at McDonald's, it is packed with exciting options that will inspire many enthusiasts. McDonald's is a great place to change the menu and adapt to the surroundings - whether it's a new burger or a delicious dessert. Therefore, you will also quickly notice that the menu cards vary from country to country.

If you come in the morning, you can taste a little from the breakfast menu. Here you will find various variations of what McDonald's calls a McMuffin.
If you come during the day, evening (or night), you can choose from everything from different varieties of burgers, french fries and other accessories, cold drinks, hot drinks, desserts and of course dips! If you are just a little hungry, take a closer look at the various Coinoffers and see if there might be something to suit your taste. It can be anything from a classic cheeseburger to some juicy chili cheese tops.

While some always order the same at McDonald's, there are also those who try something new every time they visit a McDonald's. What kind are you?

However, McDonald's is not only known to the committee on the menu, but also to be a good workplace with a good working environment, and there are often many young employees at a McDonald's. This, we think, is quite relevant for especially young students who may have moved to a new one in connection with the start of their studies. Maybe your next studio job should be at a McDonald's restaurant?

Finally, we have a small gift tip for you, who will soon be going to a Christmas party or similar event, where gifts should be brought for small amounts. At McDonald's there is the opportunity to buy gift cards. It is an obvious and fun gift idea that many in a company are very likely to be happy to be the winner of.

Do you have a hangover after a fun city tour? Are you starving? Then a visit to McDonald's might be just what you need. No matter where you are in the country, you can be almost certain that a McDonald's is approximately within driving distance of where you may be. McDonald's has something for almost everyone - for almost all ages. At McDonalds, you know what you're getting.


Østerågade 17
9000 Aalborg

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Telefon: 98 13 00 66

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