Are you missing a training room?

Are you missing a training room? that caters to students, companies and supervisors have come to a new and improved version. Blue. there are more statistical opportunities and a new design.
On, you find approved establishments and internships for young people in vocational training. After the page has been changed, you can now see opportunities for pratikplads for every business, either statistically or as a short description. If you choose Apprenticeship situation and seek a specific training, you get a graphical overview that will show statistics on how many people in the past six years has concluded a training agreement, the number who are in school, and how many are right now looking for internship. Over the statistics you will find a description of the internship situation drawn up by technical committees. In the menu to the right of the page, you will find information on the number of approved companies, and the companies that have training contracts expiring within a next half year. The figures are updated once a month. See more at