Men: How to get a study discount on your entire winter wardrobe

Men: How to get a study discount on your entire winter wardrobe

Autumn is over us and you definitely need shoes and clothes that can keep you warm throughout the winter. But it can often be an expensive affair to acquire a brand new winter wardrobe, so we present some ways to easily get a study discount on your purchases and save a lot of money!


The app and the website presents a lot of different study discounts to a variety of shops. offers study discounts on everything from electronics, bars, men's shoes and travel, and using the app easily finds the place where your next men's boots are to be purchased. It varies which online stores there are study discounts for, but some of the stores, such as Hummel and NLY Man, include. Downloading the app gives you quick and easy an overview of the many places that offer student discounts, and thus the new men's boots are not far away. Especially the footwear is important when keeping the heat in the winter cold. There are many online stores that have shoes for men and if you are lucky you can find good study discounts for the websites at


The clothing website always has 10% study discount on non-discounted items. The website has a lot of branded products and if you want a new winter jacket of good quality, you can with your conscience allow yourself to buy a slightly more expensive quality jacket, which you with the 10% study discount have the opportunity to pay even if you live on an SU budget.

ASOS also has shoes for men, so here you also have the opportunity to buy boots for men of good quality.

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