Liberal Alliance: We must be inspired by North Jutland if we are to seriously combat climate change

Liberal Alliance: We must be inspired by North Jutland if we are to seriously combat climate change

In the Liberal Alliance, they are looking forward to the future. They believe that we will probably have to slow down the climate change that we are facing. However, according to their political mayor and leading candidate in North Jutland, it calls for the parliamentary election that we think of solutions that to a far greater extent are based on reason and research on new technologies. And here Nordjylland shows the way.

Denmark must take the lead in the climate area

For Christina Egelund there is no doubt that the climate is on the agenda everywhere in Denmark, especially here in North Jutland. Among other things, she bites the notion that the North Jutland companies are involved in the fight against climate change. Among other things, Aalborg Portland alone invested DKK 76.7 million in 2017 alone. DKK in climate and environmental improvements, and developed a type of cement that reduces up to 18 per cent. of CO 2 emissions during production.

She sees the story from Aalborg Portland as a concrete example that investments in research and new technology are rewarding in the climate and environmental accounts. According to Christina Egelund, this is the way we in Denmark must go if we really want to reduce CO 2 emissions in the fight against climate change. Therefore, together with the party, she has presented a 2030 plan, based on calculations from the Ministry of Finance, which devotes DKK 3.7 billion. DKK every year to a climate research fund, which targets research into new, green technologies. The amount is a six-fold of the current level, and she hopes that the rest of the world countries will follow suit, because only in this way can we ensure that the necessary technological solutions exist.

The green choices should be easier and cheaper

According to Christina Egelund, taxes on meat and air travel are the wrong way to go, because it has a socially biased list. The fees will make it more expensive for the ordinary family of children to buy in for dinner or go on a summer vacation. Instead, she believes that political choices should make it easier and cheaper to make green choices. And here she has three concrete bids on how it is best done.

The first solution includes a reduction of the electricity tax and the electricity heating tax by DKK 4.8 billion. DKK to the lowest level permitted by the EU. Electricity is no longer a "black" energy source, but is becoming increasingly green. Today, 64 per cent of the Danish electricity production from renewable energy, and with the energy agreement Denmark is moving towards 100 per cent. by 2030. Therefore, she believes that we should encourage more energy consumption to come to electricity.

The second solution is to increase the pool for energy efficiency improvements and energy renovations by DKK 500 million. The pool provides support for investments in energy efficiency improvements in the production industries and energy renovations of homes. According to Christina Egelund, the amount will push the huge potential for reductions through efficiency improvements and renovations.

The last solution is a new climate law with the establishment of a climate economic council. According to Christina Egelund, the Council must provide guidance on the most cost-effective and socio-economic best green transition. It is about making the most rational choices, where we work towards a net zero emission in 2050. The party has set aside DKK 8.5 billion. DKK 20 up to 2030 for the initiative.

But for Christina Egelund it is also important that the money fits. Therefore, funding has also been found for the three initiatives in the aforementioned 2030 plan.