Make your own brunch and impress the girlfriend

Make your own brunch and impress the girlfriend

As a student, there is no dear mother to help you cook or wash your clothes anymore as soon as you have moved home. Unless of course you do, like many other students: Come home for dinner and take a big bag of laundry. Then you hit three flies with a smile and do not even have to do anything. Visiting mom, getting washed clothes and getting something to eat.

But you can not do that every day. Not if you have to prove to the SU Board and to yourself that you have actually moved away from home. So if you have not already learned it, then it's a good idea to learn how to cook or at least know how to cook an egg so you will not only have to live with Toast with Nutella. A little variation is actually good once in a while.

Although you probably want something new to eat every day, which should not be too expensive, since you are at SU, finding inspiration for what it is can be difficult. Fortunately, there are many pages of inspiration and recipes on dishes like where mother made them.

If you take a look at one of the recipe pages found, you can soon make a gourmet dinner and invite the girlfriend past, instead of inviting her at McDonalds. In fact, there is not much to do. Just a little inspiration and you can have a delicious dish out of what you just have in the fridge and kitchen cabinet.

It could also be that you would like to impress her with a brunch on Sunday morning. In any case, it is important to know how to cook an egg so that it becomes soft-boiled.

It's quite nice to go to the cafe together and have a brunch, but it's just as nice to stay at home and have breakfast on the bed. And if you can serve the breakfast with pride and a glimpse of the eye, then it's right in the closet.

There are almost thousands of recipes on eggs and bacon for breakfast. Find your own style and try yourself until you know when the eggs are going to cool down. It's an art to hit right.

If you've got your egg for breakfast, then it's also ok to get a single nutellamad for dessert. Good appetite!