Larsens Plaz

Larsens Plaz

Larsens Plaz is a really nice bar on Old King's Road 43, where you can relax in a good mood and play pool, billiards, foosball and darts with your friends and be guaranteed a good night.

There is a long and successful tradition Larsens Plaz that has existed for the last 100 years and is therefore known and respected as a cozy bar where spirits are high and prices low.


Larsens Plaz attracts guests of all ages and from all walks of life. There is no dress code or snobbery, but in the daytime, most of the guests of the male gender. It is mainly due to the many sporting events as a guest you can follow on the big screen. On Thursdays and especially on weekends puts many young people their way past Larsens Plaz and the party started, then closes Larsens Plaz first out in the early morning hours.


Larsens Plaz have a big screen, where all sorts of sporting events are shown and it is highly recommended to watch this weekend's Premier League match at Larsens Plaz instead of sitting in front flimmeren home. Given that English football is popular in the capital, so show Larsens Plaz many matches from the Premier League, La Liga and the A series, of course, international top football from Champoions League, UEFA Cup and international matches. If you like handball or other sports, then shows Larsens Plaz also them otherwise you are very welcome to ask the staff if they want to show it.


You can also socialize with a host of other fun and social activities at Larsens Plaz. Larsens Plaz offers full two pool tables and two pool tables, foosball and darts. However, it is recommended that you call and order billiard tables in good time, otherwise it can be difficult to get to.

If you like the more casual games, then Larsens Plaz klassikerer as backgammon, dice games and card.


Prices of Larsens Plaz is certainly worth traveling for. A pint of Tuborg or Classic can be purchased for 30 kr. An ordinary bottle of beer costs only 20 kr. And 10 shot for 100kr. so it can hardly be obtained cheaper in Copenhagen.

But Larsens Plaz is not only a bar where you can order beer. Here you have the opportunity to book many of the traditional drinks and cocktails as f. Ex Screwdriver, Cosmopolitan Sex on the Beach, Frozen Margarita, White / Black Russian and many more.


Gammel Kongevej 43
1610 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 33 31 81 42

Opening Hours

Mandag-Torsdag 14.00-02:00
Fredag-Lørdag:   14.00-04.00
Søndag:              15.00-19.00


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Larsens Plaz