Lagkagehuset - Copenhagen

Do you need to have your delicious hunger, or did you not get to eat breakfast before leaving home? It may also be that you simply forgot to have your lunch in your bag. Whatever the case may be, the Lagkagehuset in Copenhagen can help you with your little forgetfulness or satisfy your delicious hunger. You will find the Lagkagehuset in Copenhagen located at Frederiksberggade 21.

When you visit Lagkagehuset you are assured of high quality, good raw materials, good craftsmanship and an exceptional service from the always smiling and friendly staff. by hand and baked in stone ovens so that you are sure your bread has the crispy crust and soft juicy bread that you like best. If you need something for the sweet tooth, you can choose from a wealth of delicious cakes. Common to all these cakes is that you are fresh and tasty, and that nothing is saved. Each cake is made by a pastry chef and you can almost taste the love when you put your teeth in the strawberry pie, tree trunk, their muffins or one of the many other cakes you can get at Lagkagehuset. When you are no longer hungry for fun and the real hunger comes along, you can find, among other things, the various freshly made delicious sandwiches, sausage horns, pizza pieces, berries with berries and granola and many other delicious things. So you can always find a good reason to get past the Lagkagehuset.

Not to be forgotten, the coffee for the bread and cakes at Lagkagehuset is also fantastic, as it is made with love from a barista, so you are always guaranteed a freshly made and tasty cup.

Organic raw materials are used as far as possible, and quality is certainly not compromised. Therefore, conventional raw materials are still used when organic raw materials are not available in the same high and uniform quality as conventional ones.

If you need some good bread or some other delicious baked goods, then you should definitely take a stroll past the Lagkagehuset.


Frederiksberggade 21

Opening Hours

Mandag - fredag: 07.30 - 17.00
Lørdag - søndag: 09.00 - 17.00