Teacher education Zahle

Teacher education Zahle

Zahle is an attractive teacher with high professionalism. Our location in the heart of Copenhagen gives us unique opportunities to use the city and its many cultural offerings in education.

The study environment at Zahle is characterized by a large student involvement and close cooperation relations between students and between teachers and students.

In Zahle get an education that focuses especially on cooperation between the main subjects, educational subjects and practical training. We develop new opportunities to create a close link between theory and practice. This is done through a number of projects in which students, teachers practical training schools and trainers from Zahle participant.

Teacher education Zahle has for many years worked to keep pace with digital developments, both technical and pedagogical. We have a well-equipped media center, and we attach great importance to the teachers we train, make competent use of modern media and exploit the media educational opportunities in their education.

Did you know that:

  • Teacher education Zahle has a strong natural academic environment and a special science area where you can study all four science: science / technology, physics / chemistry, biology and geography. Thus, you can become a teacher with a natural academic profile.
  • As a single student can strengthen science subjects in school by taking an extra natural sciences major.
  • Teacher education Zahle offers English as a first line courses so that you can become a teacher with a special language profile with three foreign languages ​​(English, German and French) or in English, Danish as a second language and German or French.
  • Teacher education Zahle create all the main subjects except art supplies design.
  • As the only teacher in the country creates Zahle line art French. You can read French, both as commonly study and distance learning.
  • Teacher education Zahle offers study and internship abroad.
  • Zahle Grand Prix (ZGP) is the ultimate annual student event where 80 students on and behind the stage transforms Zahle to a seething cauldron with more than 300 spectators.
  • Teacher education Zahle is a modern education with a more than 150-year history.
  • 1500 students study at Zahle.


Linnésgade 2
1361 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 4189 7800

E-mail: zahle@ucc.dk

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 7.30-11.45 og 12.15-15.00
Fredag: 7.30-11.45 og 12.15-14.00




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Teacher education Zahle
Teacher education Zahle
Teacher education Zahle
Teacher education Zahle