LD Driving School

At LD Driving School gives you a calm and serious treatment of their skilled driving instructor.

Theory teaching you the traditional way in teams with about 15 students. Here is an opportunity to ask questions, inquire into and really comprehensible rules rather than udensadlæring that may help you in the enclosure, but you can not use for anything when you're out on your own on the roads.

Furthermore, there is one time a week theory test tonight, so you can even test how much of the substance you have been with.

LD Driving School is located in Kongens Lyngby. They are taught the license to:
Cat. B car, motorcycle, business cards, retrieval, as well as routine hours.

Driving School driving takes place both in the local area,
(Bagsvaerd, Lyngby, Vangede, Gentofte, Virum, Holte, Gladsaxe, Herlev.)
and of course in Copenhagen when you have to run everywhere and under all conditions - therefore you learn to drive under most conditions.

All driving teachers are members of the Danish Driving Learning Union, so you are guaranteed the best possible education of skilled and professional teacher.

The price

Offer for passenger car with LD Driving School.
Kr. 8.995, -

SPAR Kr. 1.805, - compared to the price list on the passenger:

Package includes:

- Theory of max. 12 months
- Maneuver Course (4 lessons)
- Driving courses (6 lessons - including 2 theoretical) (Smooth Course)
- 16 driving lessons on the road a '45 minutes


Nybrovej 149
2800 Kongens Lyngby

Contact info

Telefon: 3215 2082



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LD Driving School
LD Driving School
LD Driving School
LD Driving School