Krogerup works for strengthening democracy and the development of human general literacy, understood as an idea of the whole person, where all skills are put into play.

In a modern age where society is fragmented more and more knowledge and have become specialized, it is important to put this knowledge into perspective and to enhance the ability of independent, critical thinking across specific professionalism. Krogerup is a political and creative high school with an international outlook that wish to educate young people with different backgrounds so that they are able to contribute to society.

We focus on the development of all young people to become responsible, enterprising citizens who are open and welcoming to other views and cultures.

We believe that Hal Koch, democratic thinking and action requires a continuous and comprehensive dialogue on value concepts. It is important to strengthen the desire to act in both the local and the global community interest with a liberality worn by reason and imagination.


Krogerupvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk

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Telefon: 4919 0380


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