Konditori Antoinette

Approaching the wedding, and you need a wedding cake out of the ordinary? If you need a special theme cake for this weekend's party? Or do you simply want a cake, decorations and taste should give you the best experience? Located in the heart of Copenhagen near Kongens Nytorv you will find the cozy Konditori Antoinette. Located in an idyllic passage between Stroget and Grønnegade you can enjoy the perfect cake in the cafe in the comfort from the otherwise noisy city life.

"Is there nothing broke so ... eat cake!" - A statement that fits in well with patisserie.

Konditori Antoinette offers include you:

  • wedding Cakes
  • Party Cakes
  • batters
  • Cakes with print
  • birthday Cakes
  • Dåbskager
  • First Communion Cakes
  • B2B-cakes

Take a closer look at the company's range of cakes on their website .

If you yourself are an idea or looking for something that is not found in their selection? There is still a likelihood that they can make it to you anyway - so contact them at last!

Made with love and care

The staff are very thorough when trying to create the best possible taste. Everything is made with love and care and a setting that is more experimental and innovative rather than classical. They are open to try out new ideas, but is inversely too creative if you do not have a solution, for example, the type of cake you want. The patisserie has many years of experience, and uses only quality goods in the production of cakes. Virtually everything is made from scratch to ensure the good quality and this is evident from both the look and the taste experience.

The café

You get the nostalgic café experience when Konditori Antoinette visited in the passage between Stroget and Grønnegade. Cold and hot drinks and delicious pastries, freshly baked bread and sandwiches served by service-minded employees. You have the opportunity to enjoy your order in either the café, the lobby or the terrace. Regardless of location ensures a nostalgic experience, and it is clear that Konditori Antoinette aims to create a cozy atmosphere for their guests. Visit the café in East Street, enjoy the cozy ambiance and wonderful taste experience, and walk away with a good overall experience!