Get away from the mobile screen - 3 tips

Get away from the mobile screen - 3 tips

We even know how to sit past the screen. We watch a lot of videos and suddenly we can't click away at all. But it has been proven that it is not good for the brain to sit too much in front of the screen. An article from Zetland also shows that Danish children have European records in screen time. So how do we get better at looking away from the screen?

Check your screen time

First, do one thing. Depending on whether you have an iPhone or Android, go to either 'Screen Time' or 'Digital Balance'. In here you check how long you spend. Ouch. Maybe it was more than you had expected. Now that you've been scared away, we'd better tell you that you're not the only one. And that there is a way to get better.

Set some boundaries

When we end up having a lot of screen time, it's often because we just do it. So we do it without consideration. If you know your screen time is up and running due to e.g. Instagram or YouTube, so set some time limits for that. You can set limits on how long you can use, but also when to use the app. If you can't keep it at all, you may want to delete the app for a while.

Put your phone in a box

A good way to avoid being distracted by your phone is simply to get it as far away from it as possible. Put it in a box or bedroom so you always have to physically go to it if you need to check your phone. It's a bad habit to always have it in your pocket. This means that when you are with others in a social context, you do not pick up your phone all the time.

Take out and experience

Another good idea is to distract yourself. Take off and explore and get your mind off the fucking mobile. We have here on the Student Guide for example. made a guide to what you can do at Easter to provide some inspiration for what you can experience. At least it's a good idea to have your mind turned to something else. Furthermore, you will probably remember more when you were friends with friends than when you were constantly looking at your phone. If you are from Odense, we have specific tips for what you can do in the summer .