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Copenhagen Art School

Copenhagen School of Art, among other things Billedskolen now part of a training alternative, a greenhouse of the art.

The school is a platform for education, artistic development, artistic production, discussion and communication. The school has a long tradition and experience to form a coherent artistic practice and the autonomy of the students, as well as help with clarification of higher education and career. We specialize in practical higher education. Applications entrance exams, admission interviews, mentoring and personal counseling and development. Generally, the school thus the opportunity to gain practical experience in issues related to methodology, learning, creative processes and work organization. It provides a general ballast and personal formation, which can be brought into play in all subject areas and careers. The school can also be a respite from their studies or work, where you can spend time on the creative. It is a place where you can experiment and playing and meet like minds end.

We have activities in the form of training, workshops, mentoring, readings, artist talks, debates, exhibitions, gallery, museum- and company visits. Tours in higher creative education. We also helps guide in directions other educational if necessary.

At the Copenhagen School of Art, it is also a golden opportunity to make artistic collaborations and communities across the lines.


Need a higher creative education in art, design, literature, manuskribter, architecture, illustration, photo, video, audio, movies and more.

If in doubt about where your competencies pointing towards purely educational, and want clarification in relation to this.

Just need a break from your studies or work, and want to spend some time on something you are passionate about. An obvious alternative to a high school stay.

Wants to strengthen your creative abilities, and want to get better at drawing, painting or writing. The school is for both experienced and novice.

Will sharpen your professional competencies in relation to your subject.

Want to change industry, or want to use your artistic competencies in new contexts.


Training can take many forms and are tailored to each student. We start with your own personal expression that challenged and put in perspective through individual conversations, lectures and joint reviews.
Copenhagen Art School art line is the place where you can develop a visually gifted, conscious and active participant in the current art scene, while preparing you for the creative education, with particular focus on your exact needs. With contemporary art as a starting point, and the latest ideas in mind, we make you updated and ready for the challenges and opportunities in the art world. We guide you through future enormous range of pictorial expression and identify what is good and bad, important or uninteresting.

Copenhagen Art School is the city's hub, where everything from today's NEWS to art who's HOT and who's NOT discussed, and work intensely at all hours, so there is material to today's conversation or joint examination. We meet the leading artists directly on GALLERY, or invite them in to the school to talk about their own works, followed by discussion and opportunity for conversation with each student.

Kunstlinjens teachers are all college educated, professional performers who both specialize and work across media. Painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, sculpture, video and photography, installation and conceptual art. Social plastic, political art, street art, performance, design, architecture, decoration, illustration and net art. There are real lessons 3 days per week, 2 days of self-study, own studio space and access to school facilities 24/7.
Copenhagen Art School offers intensive courses author. The courses are aimed at anyone who wants to enhance their skills and their work to write, and for those who want to apply for Writers, Film School Script Line, Dramatist program or other writing schools in the North.

The courses are of six weeks. The primary purpose is to stimulate your talents and develop your skills through reading your and others' texts.

The teaching is based on text reading that takes place in partnership, through conversation and discussion to strengthen the individual's sense of Scripture many details, possibilities and pitfalls.
At Art School Writing Line, have students write and read texts. The vast majority of hours we're going to discuss students' texts together, teacher and students together. The hardest part of writing is often read her own texts. It can be difficult to see what it is you have written. It's so much easier to see what you would have written - it's not always the same. Therefore, it is instructive to participate in discussions of the other students' texts. And listen when the other students discuss what you have written yourself.
There will be classes for two days each week. Four hours each ofthe two days. In addition, we will organize readings, inviting writers and critics to come and tell and talk to us about their own books and other topics we think might be interesting.
Instruction is very flexible - it means that there will be opportunity for students suggest topics and guests. There will be an opportunity to improvise.

In addition, each course deal with an overall theme. In connection with this theme, for each mode be a guest lecturer associated with the course's content. Examples of themes might be: The modern novel, lyrical practice, drama or literary essay.

Recorders Velin Jens teachers and guest teachers are professional and dedicated on the contemporary literary scene.
The basic course on both lines consists of 6 modules of 6 weeks. Start: September to June.

See individual courses tab Pictorial Art and Writing Hotline.

It is possible to enroll in ongoing throughout the school year on both lines, and compose its course and the number of modules that fit.
Part of the study both art bar and the write line is self-study, so you must be prepared to make independent efforts. The dividend is therefore different for the students, as it is depending on how much effort you manage to put in the work. It is important that students fully participate in class.
By following all the basic course you will have the time and quiet for contemplation, you will reach to try out several different things during your course. You get the whole process through, from idea and inspiration to the finished result and presentation of this.
In our field of art and literature, is where things go slowest, where the language is sometimes most difficult to strike, there is no quick shortcuts or fancy techniques, it is a process that takes the time it takes.


Are you registered for one of our programs, we can find a mentor who can help guide and shape your progress in the direction that suits you.

It may be for you / you like:

- Need a personal mentor alongside your basic course.
- Is targeted to make applications to the higher creative education.
- Need help optalelssessamtaler and entrance exams
- Need personal advice and guidance on. manuskribter.

Write a few lines about what you are working on and your desires and ambitions for the school. So we help you plan your course.


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