Copenhagen cheapest rental housing

Copenhagen cheapest rental housing

Where is it cheaper to stay if you want to stay for rent? have made a calculation showing the streets of Copenhagen, it is cheaper to rent a home on.

Find available rental housing in Copenhagen.

To find the capital's cheapest street to rent a home in, a trip to Amager.

The new figures as have made for have looked at all the capital's rental ads throughout 2011 and have therefrom made a statement of the average rent on all city streets.

Copenhagen's cheapest street is Austria Street, which is parallel to Amagerbrogade at the northern end of Amager. In Austria Street does a flat 5,376 kroner a month.

Copenhagen cheapest rental units measured on rent Photo:

"It makes perfect sense that it is not a street in the very center, which is the cheapest rental street in Copenhagen. But Austria Street is anyway not far from City Hall Square and the pedestrian street, so if you look at the location in relation to rents, so should Austria street be a highly desirable street to live in - especially for the many students living in Copenhagen, "says Henrik Løvig, CEO of

Cheapest streets of Copenhagen - measured at sq.m. Photo: had in 2011 18 listings from Austria Street with an average size of 64 m2 and a corresponding rent of 5,376 kroner, or just 84 kroner per square meter per month.

At the other end of the scale, costs a flat on Queen Cross Street more than 27,000 crowns a month or 214 crowns per square meter.

The calculation is based on the cost of both the pure rent and calculated from an average price per square meter. But no matter which of the two methods you use are Austria Street the cheapest street to stay for rent on the Copenhagen postcode by postcode 1000 in Copenhagen K to 2300 Copenhagen S.

Source: TV2