If you are looking for a place in Copenhagen where you can have fun with your friends with a delicious and cheap cocktail in your hand - then Kassen is just the place for you! You will find the box at Nørrebo at Nørrebrogade 18 in Copenhagen N. So if you want a place where you can get cheap and good cocktails, then you will find this in the middle of Copenhagen at Kassen. It is definitely worth a visit.

There is a sea of cocktail bars in Copenhagen and it is impossible to find out which one to choose when you want to go out in the city with your friends and have some delicious cocktails. However, as a student it is also important that these cocktails can be found at an advantageous price, which is not always easy to encounter in Copenhagen. But you can find just that at Kassen! Furthermore, Kassen is one of the city's best and cheapest cocktail bars. Therefore, this is an extremely good choice when looking for a bar where you can have something delicious to drink. This is a great place for you as a student who does not have the money to do with everything, but still wants to visit a cozy place with good drinks. Therefore, Kassen is an obvious place for you as a student!

The box is known in particular for their happy hour on Fridays. Here, you get two drinks between one and two o'clock for one price. Therefore, there is ample opportunity to either share with friends or double up on cheap cocktails. When it is 22:00 you will get cocktails at regular prices, which is around 70 kroner for a drink. This is also a price that is understandable and is significantly cheaper than what you find in many other places in the city. However, if you want to get the coveted happy hour offer, just come by the box office before 10 pm.

In addition to the good happy hour offer that Kassen offers on Fridays, there are other nice events and offers during the week. On Tuesday there is live music with jazz and jam. On Wednesday you get 2 beers, 3 shots or 1 drink for 50 kroner. On Thursday, happy hour is at Iced Teas. Saturdays are usually open, but without any special offers.

If you are not into cocktails, but maybe just want a cozy place where you can drink beer, you can also get this at Kassen. Beer is also included in their happy hour offer on Fridays, so if you are a fan of beers rather than cocktails, then you can definitely come by here as well. The box is both listed as one of the city's best cocktail bars or a bar where you can get a lot of beer at an advantageous price.

The place started out as a simple café, but after the success of the years it has become a delicious bar where you can find a large selection of delicious cocktails at cheap prices, dim lighting, disco balls and carefully selected music. This provides the setting for a perfect night out with friends. Over the years, the place has evolved from this simple café to now create the setting for the obvious party night for you and your friends.

Their delicious cocktails are not only delicious and at a good price, but also contain a generous amount of alcohol. Nothing is saved here, even though the prices are clear and therefore you get a lot for your money when you choose to order a cocktail at the bar at Kassen. So if you are into both strong and cheap drinks, then you are going to the right place when you are at Kassen. A cheap branded in pleasant surroundings - this is definitely something that is possible at Kassen!

If you read the customer reviews from Kassen, you have no doubt that Kassen sets the framework for the perfect night out with friends. Here, guests emphasize that there is good music, obvious place for friends, good cocktails and skilled bartenders. This is clearly something that is emphasized at Kassen, and therefore Kassen's own description of themselves matches well with what their customers experience. The site has a total of 340 reviews on Facebook, of which they have 4.1 stars out of 5. If this is something you have yourselfWant to experience, you can choose to stop by the box for a cocktail or a beer. If you are a larger company or you just want to make sure there is enough space, you can reserve a table

If you are in the inner city of Copenhagen, you and your students are looking for a place where you can get delicious cocktails and beer for cheap money, make the trip past Kassen - here you will find one of the city's best and cheapest cocktail bars! You will certainly not regret your visit and you will surely come again after these good drinks at favorable prices. If you want to know more about Kassen, read more either on their website, their Instagram or their Facebook.


Nørrebrogade 18, København N

Contact info

Telefon: 42 57 22 00

Opening Hours

Søndag - tirsdag: Lukket
Onsdag: 20.00 - ?
Torsdag: 20.00 - 03.00
Fredag: 16.00 - 04.00
Lørdag: 20.00 - 04.00