Analysis and tables with coursework and examination grades achieved by pupils at the basic schools in 2010.

number of samples

In total there is prepared almost 760,000 tests and tasks in the 9th grade. Well 575,000 samples are bound samples and 125,000 are pull-out tests, which are all compulsory for all students. In 10th grade, the number barely 225,000 tests and papers, of which 95 per cent. is presented as a public school 10th grade samples (FS10). The number of cast-leaving examination (FSA) in 8th grade are barely 160. Out of all samples is 1.900 presented by private students. In addition, nearly 56,000 reviews of project tasks in 9th grade. The number of discarded samples mm in 9th grade increased by 14,000 compared to the school year 2008/09, of which more than 12,500 are bound samples. The number of samples in grade 10 mm fell by 19,000. The decline stems from a decline of 1,000 in the FSA, while the number of FS10 samples mm has fallen by more than 18,000.


The head teacher has about 5,500 times exempt a student from taking an obligatory final examination in 9th grade (FSA), while at about 3,900 of the samples was a student who did not show up. For almost 2,300 of the samples were missing one student due to illness. The number of exemptions has risen by about 900 compared to 2008/09, while there are 700 fewer who did not show up for a trial. The number of sick days is unchanged from the previous year. Read the note on Primary SCORES test period May / June 2010 (pdf) . Source: Ministry of Education