Campaign for VEU centers

Campaign for VEU centers

The government has set a target that the unemployed, and employees must upgrade their skills in cooperation with the various companies. A new campaign to ensure that more people become aware of the country's VEU centers.

Too few people know of the VEU centers in the country. Here is an opportunity for both unemployed people in jobs and businesses can get advice and guidance in all of adult and continuing education.

Ministry of Children and Education slider therefore now a campaign underway to make sure that more people know the VEC centers in the future.

Child and Youth Minister Christine Antorini says: "With VEU centers has created one entrance to adult education and training in Denmark. In other words made easy for businesses, employees and the unemployed who want opkvalificering.Det government's goal is to more unskilled workers must have a qualifying education. At the same time, we want both unskilled and skilled workers must be able to lift their professionalism through continuous practice-oriented training. The objectives must VEU centers to help lift, and therefore it is important that the Danes know about the centers. "

The government's goal is to strengthen the field of adult and continuing education.


VEU stands for Adult Education and Training, and VEU center is a formal collaboration between institutions providing vocational training, and adult education. There are a total of 13 VEU centers spread throughout the country.

VEU centers should help strengthen the quality and effectiveness of adult and continuing education, including by acting as one entry for people and companies that want advice and guidance on adult and continuing education.

The campaign for VEU centers running in May and June 2012 and will among others consist of advertisements on buses and train stations, advertisements in trade journals as well as video clips on VEU centers website.