KB3 is a relatively new nightclub, with artistic freedom and a laid back atmosphere. The night club is to be found on the strain in the meat town of Vesterbro in Copenhagen. It is not called a giant club for nothing. There is something to do with it: the club is 850 square meters with a 13 meter long bar which supplies the thirsty guests with various forms of alcohol. In addition, up to 7 meters up to the ceiling, you can grab a smoke in the back yard and bring your friend to the toilet. There is a special "friend's toilet", which is a small box with two baskets next to each other. The club can seat up to 800 people. Every Friday and every Saturday, the party is launching at KB3. - Who does not want to join one of the biggest parties in Copenhagen?

KB3 has a team of some of the best employees in the industry, ensuring you as a visitor that you get a truly unique experience every weekend. Whether the party takes place at the 13-meter bar, selling high-quality cocktails at the various lounge areas or out in the courtyard that forms the frame for some obese festivities in the open-air summer.
It's clear that every club's details are designed to please all types of guests, even the most critical will feel at home in the nightclub. The most important thing for the club is to watch people dance and have their party's party. That's why there are also some of Denmark's best DJs and provide the coolest music that makes everyone push the roof.

KB3 is the largest nightclub in the Meat City, but also takes care of creative cultures like Burlesque, movie shows, converter, release parties, etc. For the same reason, KB3 should be at the top of the list of nightclubs you should visit in Copenhagen.


Kødboderne 3, 1714 København V

Contact info

Telefon: 33 23 45 97
E-mail: info@kb3.dk

Opening Hours

Fredag - Lørdag: 23.00 - 04.00


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