Jolene Bar

Are you looking for a bar where comfort is paramount? Then you may have to visit the Jolene Bar in Copenhagen. Specifically, you will find Jolene Bar in Kødbyen at Flæsketorvet 81-84 in Copenhagen.

The meat village generally creates a good setting for a nice evening in the capital - both when it comes to food, drink and party, which is why Jolene Bar is definitely a place worth visiting if you and your study buddies still plan to explore Copenhagen city life.

At Jolene Bar you have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious drink or draft beer, but you also have the opportunity to dance a little to the music that the DJ desk presents to the happy guests. If you are interested in learning a little more about Jolene Bar, then they also have a Facebook page that you can follow. At the time of writing, Jolene Bar 9820 has "Likes" and 3305 "check-ins" on their Facebook page, which also testifies to the bar's popularity. Furthermore, the entire 10,148 people follow the site!

If you are into dancing, delicious drinks and a bar in a very good location, then you may need to take a closer look at the Jolene Bar in Kødbyen. Here is the framework for you to have a festive evening in the company of your study buddies and other happy people who have found their way to Kødbyen in Copenhagen!


Flæsketorvet 81-85
1711 København

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Opening Hours

Torsdag: 22.00 - 04.00
Fredag - lørdag: 20.00 - 04.30


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