Joe & The Juice - Aalborg

Have you heard of Joe & The Juice? If not, then it might be time for you soon to take a walk on Joe & The Juice. Joe & The Juice is now located in many different places - both abroad but also at home, and here Aalborg is no exception. You can find Joe & The Juice in Aalborg on Algade 18.

Joe & The Juice is a restaurant chain that is found throughout Denmark and several places abroad. Most people know about, or have heard of, the brand and their range of food and drink. Joe & The Juice is without a doubt very popular. It is a very hip place where health and cool comments are part of the concept and which makes a visit to Joe & The Juice something very special.

Joe & The Juice are best known for their delicious juices, with a lot of fresh vegetables and exotic delicious fruits. They are available in two different sizes - one large and one small. There are several variants of their juices, so you can find a juice that suits your particular taste. The same goes for their selection of sandwiches. They are made from delicious crispy breads, all with the fact that they are lightly toasted and then seasoned with both pesto, salt and pepper. Avocado, tomato, mozzarella, and meats to your liking are primarily what their sandwich consists of.

Joe & The Juice make their juices from freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables and all sandwiches are greased the same day they are served. After ordering, they start your order and a few minutes later you have a delicious freshly squeezed juice and / or freshly sandwiched sandwich ready to eat, or bring along to go.

Although Joe & The Juice is primarily known for their selection of juices and sandwiches, they also have other delicious items on the menu, including. coffee. In addition to coffee and juice, you can also order between a selection of shakes. It's a delicious drink, which is always a big hit with customers.

If you are into loud music, energetic yet relaxed atmosphere and delicious sandwiches, as well as exquisite juices, coffee and shakes, where there is definitely something that suits your taste, then come over Joe & The Juice at Algade. If you are in the vicinity of Aalborg shopping center, you can also enjoy a delicious juice here.


Algade 18
9000 Aalborg

Opening Hours

Mandag - torsdag: 10.00 - 19.00
Lørdag - søndag: 10.00 - 17.00


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