Carpenters in Aars, Hobro and Støvring with a focus on Danish quality

At JANBYG in Aars we focus on quality work with care and at agreed time. We have 'Danish Guarantee', which means the use of Danish companies as subcontractors.

We take pride in keeping our work on Danish hands, as well as ensuring proper working conditions and the use of sustainable building materials.

It also means that we do not compromise on the quality of our work, with the environment or working conditions, and therefore most customers return.

Our customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of the business and your needs and wishes therefore come first! We do not leave a job until you are satisfied with the result.

Professional installation of windows and doors

Ready to install windows and doors - But in order for the new windows and doors to work for many years ahead and with the influence of the Danish weather, it is important to properly assemble.

It is therefore important to obtain the optimal fuge around the window. This ensures that the results are good and durable!

At JANBYG we provide delivery, measurement and assembly so that your doors and windows are installed fully after the book. That way, you can also be sure to keep the warranty if the accident should be out.

Mounting new floors

There are many options when laying new floors. We typically use 'clickwave' in eg. oak or beech.

The new floors feature a modern wood look, which is incredibly durable. It can be built in a traditional way or with heat and / or noise-damping cork substrates.

We can also mount solid floors, which are glued directly to concrete with special lining that forms steam-proof or as solid floors laid on a stream or wood structure.

Should the floor be extra nice, we also make brick flooring in the wood you want, which gives the floor an incredibly exclusive look.


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