Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)

Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)

At the Department of Public Health research and work is continuing to improve population health. The research includes population health status and actions to improve population health and community efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality. The research is interdisciplinary and conducted by researchers with a background in health sciences, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Department of Public Health was established in 1997 and employs about 180 employees and a turnover of approximately 100 million kr. Annually. Much of the Institute is housed at the Center for Health and Society, located on Copenhagen's old Municipal Hospital. Read about the history of the building here .

The Institute's research contributes to the scientific foundation for improving human health and for increased insight into the relationship between health and society. The research focuses on the occurrence, distribution and causes of disease and disease consequences in the population. It also includes the study of health promotion, preventive and rehabilitative interventions and the health care organization, function and performance.

The Institute has a number of the faculty's core competencies in methodology disciplines as biostatistics, epidemiology, science, qualitative research methods, etc. and has a wide cooperation with biomedical and clinical research.


The institute is part of the Health Sciences. We have a total of 5 departments :

General medicine
Environment and Health
social Medicine

Institute include Center for Epidemiology and Screening and Medical Museion .

Department Secretariat

Department Secretariat provides financial and personnel administration, purchasing department and student administration and course administration. The secretariat consists of a finance and personnel section , one study section as well as a graduate school secretariat.

The employees

Institute staff consists of 57 professors, associate professors and assistant professors, ca. 70 post. doctoral employees, PhD students and research assistants and about 50 technical and administrative staff. To institute is also associated with four clinical professors and 250 part-time lecturers, teaching assistants and student assistants.


The Institute works in close collaboration with researchers from all faculties under the University of Copenhagen, with the hospital and the practice sector and with other universities and research institutions, including a substantial international cooperation. This cooperation includes research and educational projects in networks with a focus on activities in Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe / EU and in the rest of the world, including low-income countries.


Øster Farimagsgade 5
1014 København K

Contact info

Tlf: 3532 7623



Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)'s website

Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)
Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)
Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)
Department of Public Health (Department of Public Health)