Department of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

At the Department of Anthropology is the pivotal study of human social, cultural perspective. Anthropology is the study of man as a social being and consequently on society and culture. Anthropology studying human social and cultural forms across the globe from the most exotic small tribes in New Guinea to social groups in our own or other Western societies.

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Department of Anthropology provides a framework for international research and higher education from BA to PhD level. The department has about 550 students and 70 employees and is housed in the Center for Health and Society at the old hospital in the middle of Copenhagen and belongs to the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Courses at the Department of Anthropology

Here you can find information on the Foundation's educational activities. You can follow the links below or on the left according to the information you need.

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If you are studying at a foreign university and are considering to enroll as a guest student at the Department of Anthropology, so you can read more on our English-language website .


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Department of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology