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Imerco is Denmark's largest hardware retail chain and has a total of more than 170 stores throughout the country. The store was founded by hardware stores back in 1928 and therefore has a long history behind it. Imerco describes itself as being Denmark's leading retail chain with the largest selection of products and brands in the kitchen and table. You can find Imerco in Kolding at the address Skovvangen 42 in Kolding Storcenter.

Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself, as a gift for someone you love, or maybe just want to get inspiration for your home, Imerco is the obvious place for this. With Imerco's vast selection of goods and brands, it's easy to find something that fits your style. In addition, Imerco has a lot of brands that are not sold elsewhere, which is why they are just the best place to look for hardware. Because Imerco has many different brands and products, it is easy to find something that fits your style and price range. Therefore, it is certainly also possible to find study-friendly prices so that you can find hardware for your study accommodation.

The vision for Imerco is to be Denmark's best in kitchen appliances, table coverings, home accessories and gifts. They have this through a wide range both online and in their physical stores nationwide. The mission for them is to create an appetite for life. Both their mission and vision are made clear in their stores, which are beautifully decorated and decorated with their amazing products, and you cannot help but find inspiration for your own home when you enter one of Imerco's many stores across the country.

Imerco has an extremely popular customer club called Imerco +, which has more than 1 million members, which certainly tells about its popularity among customers. This can definitely pay off to be a member if you love hardware.

Whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, grandparents, or maybe a friend who is about to move away from home, you are sure to find something at Imerco that suits their taste and price range. The friendly staff at Imerco will certainly help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones.


Skovvangen 42
6000 Kolding

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Telefon: 75 50 95 88

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