In front of the community

In front of the community

Elite Environment and international focus helps to raise the professional level and provide better reputation for the school for the benefit of all students. It has Silkeborg Technical School learned after participating in the World Skills Championships for apprentices.
Carriage Malerværkstedet on Silkeborg Technical College is well attended on 17 March 2011. At the workshop is the beginning namely gone for a competition between national champions from several European countries as preparation for participation in WorldSkills 2011 in London. Participants include carriage painter students from Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. They spend a week at Silkeborg Technical School, where they have gone into training camp, compete with each other and prepare for the World Skills competition. Also Quality Patrol have visited the workshop. They are on a visit to Silkeborg Technical School to learn about the school's work with quality teaching.

Ribbons be in house

It is the fourth time that the Danish car painters participating in WorldSkills. It has not previously been to the medals, but the school has a clear ambition that it should be this year, taking home a medal. The school would like to be the world's largest car painting school and known to be the best. "It is important to show the outside world what we can. We are among the world's best in this area, and we would of course like to show off, "says Jens Søndergaard Hansen, teacher at the school. He also points out that the school's focus on being the best offers professional pride among the students. The teachers have experienced that the academic level has been raised, and I think Jens Søndergaard Hansen among other things has anything to do with the fact that students have become more ambitious. "Vehicle Painter program has gotten a better image, and we get more motivated pupils who harvognmaleruddannelsensom their first choice."

international cooperation

All teachers on the car paint program must contribute London in October. They will represent the school and create international networks. "It's easier to build an international network and stable cooperation in the legs when you meet for competitions. Therefore, we have decided to take our entire group of teachers with when we need to WorldSkills in October, "says Karsten Jul Hansen who is training manager for paint programs. The school has already built up an international network. In addition to making competitions, the school teacher and student exchange. Students from Sweden can come to Denmark and have a Danish journeyman, and in November the school had the visit of 12 students and teachers from France who spent a month in Silkeborg Technical College. The school has also contributed to sending foreign students to stay in Danish companies. The school's own teachers and students also have the opportunity to get on exchanges abroad.

Ambitions benefits all

The school's focus on creating a competitive and elite environment is beneficial to all students at the school. "The majority of our students are doing their training well. 80 percent of our student population is proficient students, and it is perhaps the top 10 percent who are really good. It is those who participate in competitions, and therefore it is often those who are in focus, "says Peter Kristoffersen, director of Silkeborg Technical School. He hopes that focusing more on the large middle group of talented students. The school's ambition stops when not in car painters. Karosseritekniker-, gastronom- and serve education also participate in international competitions and doing very well. And the school has ambitions to launch an international basic course for mechanics to August. The school will namely to attract students with ambitions and create an attractive environment for the large group of talented students.

Facts about Quality Patrol

Quality Patrol visiting all the country's vocational schools for the period 2010-2012 for the dissemination of knowledge and experience and inspire schools to share knowledge across. The goal is to create better business education. Quality Patrol is created as part of efforts to strengthen vocational education reputation and is part of the Agreement on multi-year agreement for the tertiary education in the period 2010-2012 between the government, the Social Democrats, the Danish People's Party and Social Liberals. Source: