Helmuth Bar & Kitchen

Are you looking for a modern eatery in Aalborg that serves delicious food and good cocktails? Then it may be that Helmuth Bar & Kitchen is just for you. Specifically, you will find Helmuth Bar & Kitchen at Boulevard 28 in the heart of Aalborg!

At Helmuth Bar & Kitchen in Aalborg there is always a good and vibrant atmosphere. The place does not call itself a café or restaurant, but rather as a modern dining house.

If we take a brief look at the menu, there is no doubt that you have the opportunity to taste a little different here. The menu card offers different dishes depending on the time of day you visit the place. Helmuth Bar & Kitchen offers different menu cards, including a menu card for everyday brunch, weekend brunch and evening menu. Furthermore, the place also has a whole card reserved for cocktails and drinks. Thus, you can visit the place with great advantage if you are missing a place to start an evening in the company of your student friends. An overview of the individual dishes can be found on the site's own website.

If you are interested in seeing more pictures from Helmuth Bar & Kitchen, you can find the place on their profile on Instagram or via the #helmuthaalborg tag. Via the hashtag you can also share your own experience at Helmuth Bar & Kitchen.

Right now, there are 15,416 people who like Helmuth Bar & Kitchen on Facebook, which testifies to the popularity of the eatery. You can also visit the Facebook page to read what previous guests have written in their review of Helmuth Bar & Kitchen.

All in all, we recommend you to visit Helmuth Bar & Kitchen if you are looking for an eatery in Aalborg, where you can enjoy both a good portion of food and a few delicious cocktails. The place has a good location in the center of Aalborg, and here you can easily reach, whether you are from the city or not.


Boulevarden 28
9000 Aalborg

Contact info

Telefon: 98 10 33 05
E-mail: booking@helmuthaalborg.dk

Opening Hours

Se hjemmeside.


Helmuth Bar & Kitchen's website