Do I need an a-box as a student?

Do I need an a-box as a student?


As a student, you probably focus a lot on the study and the activities that come with being a social student. This is perfectly understandable as it fills up a lot. There is much to read, many lectures and exam periods with stress. The time you study takes up so much that you rarely think about what will happen when you graduate. However, there are a lot of benefits to taking a position on time after study and securing yourself. Read below and understand why an a-box is important - also for you as a student, so that you do not end up the ass as soon as you graduate.

If you can't find a job right away

An a-box is there to secure you financially under unemployment. In many cases, this can happen through illness, but also to a great extent after completing the study. When you graduate, you are no longer eligible for SU and therefore no longer receive a public benefit. By being a member of an unemployment insurance fund, you can receive unemployment benefits during this period. You must have been a member of an unemployment insurance fund a year prior to using it, so it is therefore very important that you sign up today, otherwise you will be left without income after the education and therefore have to apply for cash assistance. or educational assistance, depending on your age.

Remember a union

There is widespread confusion about what the difference between union and an a-box is. The A-box supports you financially and the union supports you legally. The unions negotiate agreements that deal with wages and working conditions. Now you're thinking; if I don't have a job, what do I need this for? You can still greatly benefit from the unions. Here they help you with CV writing and courses that can strengthen your CV. The trade union is thus a kind of mentor and protection for you and fighting for your rights.

Who should I sign up for?

There are many a-boxes and unions out there, so finding the system is not easy. It can actually feel like a needle in a haystack to find the a-box and the union that matches your education. It is crucial to find a trade union and a fund that supports your profession. For example, if you read to a social worker, it would make sense to join the Danish Social Counselor's Association. By finding an organization that matches you, the association will know what working conditions to take into account and how to correct it in the work environment.

Doesn't that cost a lot of money?

As a student, your wallet is far from heavy. Most often it is actually completely empty. Therefore, many people do not sign up to either the unemployment insurance fund or the union because memberships often have an economic downside. As a student, however, you have an advantage. Most A-boxes and unions offer free membership to students under the age of 30. Therefore, you have no excuse. Sign up today so you can get the maximum benefit and be secured against unemployment, as a newly qualified business experience.