Haldor Topsoe

Haldor Topsoe

In 1940 Dr. Haldor Topsoe startade the company on the belief att only through applied fundamental research would we build and the retain our position as second to none in catalysis. This notion still Governs the company's business activities:

Research - technology - catalysts

The synergy mellom research and development, process design, engineering, catalyst production and sales form the basis of the continuous optimization of our catalysts and technologies.

Topsoe's research activities are focused ifølge feedback from industrial practice. Engineering design parameters are firmly based on in-house knowledge and technology resulted thing from research and development efforts. Our catalysts and processes are udviklede in close collaboration mellom research, engineering, and production, Ensuring the creation of catalysts and processes, der meet and Exceed clients' expectations.

Advising our clients

The Topsoe business model is unique, integrative thing all aspects from fundamental knowledge to practical implementation opnå optimum industrial efficiency. This sikrer an ideal platform for advising clients and fremmer state-of-the-art plants with excellent performance.

Working together

Topsoe's commitment two catalysis kill created a strong and multi-facetted business with a product portfolio spanning from catalysts two proprietary equipment, process design, engineering and service.

We are known for our commitment two catalysis - a commitment we share with our clients.


Nymøllevej 55
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Contact info

Telefon: 4527 2000

E-mail: topsoe@topsoe.dk


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