Frisøsen has existed since 1999 and is located both in the Inner City and Christianshavn not far from Our Savior Church and the subway. Marlene is the face you meet when you enter from Frisøsen in Christianshavn. She has extensive experience in advising in what precisely suit you, your style and your face shape and she provides professional treatment. Marlene has a natural talent, so you can feel safe by leaving your hair in her capable hands.
At Frisøsen bring pride in making you feel welcome. Provision is made for pleasant surroundings and a good atmosphere where you can get something good to eat in the form of coffee, tea or a glass of brandy while waiting to get a ride in the hairdressing chair.

The tone is informal and Marlene always have time to hear what your plan is with your hair. Then she will advise you in the direction that best suits you.
It cut both men and women of all ages and if you have time in the morning you may some day get a morning clip, so you can put your morning hair.
Frisøsen mainly use chemical and paraben free products and products without sulfates and perfumes. So here you need not be concerned about what goes into the hair. The hair must have a fresh new color, so you just choose one among the many traditional hair dyes.

A lady clip costs 590 kr., And a master clip 470 kr., But if you mention that you found this profile on this and remember your student, you can get a lady clip for only 350 kr. And a master clip for 300 kr. then you should also be able to put your hair more often or give extra care to the prices.

Going to a party or wedding, then book a time here.

As a stylist, hairdresser and makeup artist Marlene whole palette are needed to beautify your party or gala dinner or the big day. Basically, it is the salon styling going on, but it is also possible to agree to Marlene go out and styler you, in your own home.
It is important that everything goes into a higher unity as hairstyle and makeup match you and your style. Therefore, taking the team of hairdressers also regularly on courses both at home and abroad, to keep themselves updated about the latest trends and products. At the same time, it also means that you can get the latest on the market at Frisøsen.

Student Wizard experienced by Frisøsen in Christianshavn, in a very short time, has become one of the most popular hairdressers in the area. The recommendations speak their own language from happy customers who have found their master hairdresser. Marlene's expertise and experience shine through in the professional results you get and she is always down to earth when she swings axis.

Book your time here with Marlene at Frisøsen in Christianshavn.


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