In the heart of Copenhagen close to Gammeltorv there is a nightclub. Here is HIVE for houses.
The nightclub guests are typical of the twenties.
HIVE is one of the more exclusive nightclubs that are to be found in Copenhagen. HIVE is to compare with Sunday and Zen. Exclusivity is clearly seen in the club's interior.
The decor is quite simple and in brownish colors. At all the tables in the main hall there is a possibility to charge your iPhone, as the chargers are charging for your mobile phone. In addition to the large hall, there are two lounges and a secret table that is hidden away behind a large thick curtain.
HIVE consists of 3 rooms, 5 bars spread over 2 floors. In summer, there is also a courtyard for everyone to get after work drinks.

On Friday, HIVE is called XII (12). HIVES is more for the energetic audience who appreciate that more DJs provide a wild night with lots of good and festive music.
When saturday is reached, HIVE transforms into a universe that is characterized by the year 2013 and the 1300s. Here you will encounter visual 3D walls, a dungeon from the 1300s, and different levels of the club and secret areas.

HIVE offers VIP tables and high quality service. In 2017, HIVE was named "club of the year" and you can be sure that you have the whole great experience to wait if you go to a party at HIVE.
HIVE is very popular with the young people who prefer an exclusive nightlife in Copenhagen.

International musicians like Ciara and Tyga have made their entrance at HIVE, like Danish stars like KESI, Christopher, Topgunn and Morten Breum also troops behind the microphone.


Skindergade 45, 1159 København K

Contact info

Telefon: 72 10 83 63

Opening Hours

Fredag fra 21:00
Lørdag fra 23:00


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