The estate

The estate

The estate is a municipal cultural institution in 1997 with 7 permanent employees divided into as many job categories. The estate works with a net budget for the current year at kr. 2,612,000 excl. associations' activities and include:

· Venue
· Practice Rooms
· The ceiling / Råderummet


The venue:
The venue was established in March 2001 in the east wing of goods and has space for 700 standing or 2-300 seated spectators. The venue aims to promote modern music and other cultural activities, including cabaret, musical etc., as the venue to promote the study of cultural activities for students at higher education institutions in Kolding.

The venue consists of bar, public area, stage, backstage and artist residencies. The venue come with a permanently installed sound and lighting system.

The venue also includes a separate cafédel, enabling smaller events.

Access to and use of the venue is adjusted by a usufruct between Kolding Municipality and the Association rock'in House
The venue is two consecutive times been appointed Regional Venue. The current contract for the management of the Regional Venue runs until 31 December 2012. See the film about the estate as a regional venue here

Kolding Municipality per. January 1, 2010 introduced a tariff at the venue which means that associations which organizes music events must pay kr. 300.00 per. day.

Associations which organizes other events to pay kr. 500.00 per. day

Practice Rooms:
Proper rehearsal rooms, along with the functions of the central building and the remainder of the west wing established in 1997 as offerings to the municipality's amateur musicians.

The estate has 12 practice rooms and associated deposits. Nine of practice rooms are equipped with voice systems. In addition, three of the rooms fully equipped with sounds systems and standard instrumentation.
To use the practice rooms each user / member pay kr. 83,00 (u / 18 years) or 166.00 (o / 18 years) per month (indexed annually).

The ceiling / Råderummet:
"Ceiling" is located on top of the practice rooms in the east wing. The room consists of a large room with space for 150 people (u / fixtures) and a meeting room - Råderummet - where there is room for about 18 people.

The premises of the estate associations in Kolding Municipality under the premise that there is a recurrent lending days since the premises are often used as additional artist residencies during major concerts at the venue. It is therefore necessary to maintain flexibility and the possibility of involving the premises as part of the events at the venue.

Associations that borrows ceiling / Råderummet, is responsible self al internships around the settlement, clearing and cleaning of the premises. There is not affiliated with a technician from the estate to association events on the ceiling / Råderummet.


Jens Holms Vej 5
6000 Kolding

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