Feel like massage and wellness? With a busy and stressful student life has not always profits to take care of the body, resulting in tension and sore muscles. Here you can massage help. Give yourself and your body a break with a good massage and feel a greater comfort shortly. Remember wellness and beauty comes from within! Also note that provides a super student discount of no less than 20% of all treatments.


Massage with God-Body in Copenhagen profitable physically and mentally! At Good-Body you get the best massage you may desire. Di can get deep massage which is really good when you've got rheumatism or aching muscles, or you can enjoy a relaxing wellness massage when you have exam stress or want to reward yourself for your efforts. When you are busy with study and work overhears you often your body's signals, resulting in less profit, aches, fatigue etc. It can be tension in the neck or sore back you continue to ignore due. Bustle. Getting Started again with effective sports massage at If you give yourself and your body a break with a massage, you will feel a greater comfort shortly. Call today by phone 26 53 09 56 and make an appointment so you can be good to yourself with massage Copenhagen! Today there are many types of massage, but the most important of massage is that it is a skilled masseur. When I give massage is the most important for me that you get something out of the massage. Massage must have a clear effect. This is achieved by I feel with your fingers and brands where I need to pay extra attention to. Moreover, it is well with a deep massage as it creates more flow in the tissue. Massage should naturally be a pleasant experience, so you just need to relax, I take lovingly hold!


Besides effective sports massage can also find other delightful treatments that will give you more wellness with God-Body. Try the relaxing and mentally relaxing wellness massage or how wonderful facial massage if you just need a bit of pampering and natural beauty. Wellness is all about having a good sense of inner peace and harmony. When you example. receive a wellness massage you will experience a warm peace spread in the body. At Good-Body, the goal is to give you the best feeling of wellness through natural treatments. My products are healthy and gives your skin a lot of good things. A facial massage can seem wrinkle reduction without having to inject you with Botox and wellness massage will give you a clear sense of having done something good for yourself. Do you want to delight someone you care about, you can buy gift certificates for indulgent treatments. Pt is on sale in Japanese lifting. You get 60 minutes of lovely facial massage for 350 kr. Call today by phone 26 53 09 56 and a share of the bargains!

about klikikken

Clinic Good-Body is a relaxed and cozy clinic, massage, wellness and well-being in central Copenhagen k. Close to Nørreport. clinic Good-body is a place of interaction with my massage treatments, gives you a respite from the hustle and bustle, and helps you to achieve inner peace, so that you can become more aware of your essential needs and what your body need. The pulse is rapid in Copenhagen, but in clinic Good-Body you will find that the pace is turned down. Here it is you that is in focus and you can get a mental respite where you only have to think of yourself while you get a nice massage. out Come early and gear down before it's your turn to get a massage and take time to enjoy some tea or a cold drink while you sit on the couch and enjoy the music. Get possibly a personal talk about lifestyle if you can use a good advice to improve such. your diet or motivation to get started with training. Do you want to delight someone you care with good massage, do you want a good night out with the girls, or you must arrange bachelor party, clinicians Good-body with its cozy atmosphere, a great place to start. clinic Good-Body is close to Northgate, and there is good parking. You can buy gift certificates for massages in my clinic in Copenhagen k. Or get a sent by prepayment. Clinic Good-Body offers, among other sports massage, wellness massage, pregnancy massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling, wellness treatments, bachelor mm. In addition to the clinic in Copenhagen, I offer massage and wellness with God-Body on Moen, where I also hold massage course. Get more information or book an appointment today by phone 26 53 09 56 and pamper your body.

Student Discounts

20% on all treatments


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1356 København K

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Telefon: 22669905


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Mandag-fredag: kl. 8-21

Lørdag: kl. 10-15

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