Are you crazy about good pita bread? And do you want to get your food as a takeaway without having to be sassy and unhealthy? Then Garbanzo in Copenhagen is definitely for you. At Garbanzo you can get delicious pita bread served, whether you want to take it as a takeaway or enjoy it at Garbanzo. At Garbanzo, they believe that fast food does not have to be unhealthy. Therefore, they serve delicious pita breads of good and healthy ingredients.

The place has roots from Mediterranean cuisine and has a brand new concept. Here, their food is made with rich protein and fiber, and they have also collected the various superfoods of the time. These must help keep the brain sharp and fresh throughout the day, which is why you can advantageously buy from Garbanzo if you want a healthy and nutritious meal for lunch or dinner.

On the menu you will find delicious fresh baked pita bread rolled in cornmeal with a lot of different delicious content. Here you can choose from five carefully selected dishes. If you do not want pita bread, you can also serve it in bowl format, where you get the contents of the pita in a bowl. The five selected dishes are: chicken, flank steak, lamb, falafel and halloumi. In these there are various lubrication and dressing, for example, with humus or tzatziki, and the dressing sounds like curry, herb dressing, tahindressing or pomegranate dressing.

Here it is about getting a new dining experience that can give a little extra joy in everyday life, and they believe that the good craftsmanship is of crucial importance.

Want to know more about Garbanzo and their delicious food? Then read more on their website, where you can get smarter on their menu and much more relevant information.

Sounds like something to you, so grab your friends for a good meal at Garbanzo.


Sværtegade 3
1118 Købehavn K

Contact info

Telefon: 53 78 41 42

Opening Hours

Alle dage: 11.00 - 21.00