Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar

Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar

offers a selection of classic and contemporary drinks made by an excellent selection of spirits and liqueurs to achieve the best flavor combinations.

GILT is the classic cocktail bar that started it all. Okay - preserved, we may well poorly argue that we were the bar that invented the cocktail and the identity behind. But we have through the last decade helped to influence and perhaps redefine the perception of the modern and classic cocktail culture.

We've been with since Piña Coladaens sweet intro before we jumped on to the small Danish fruit bomb - jordbærdaiquirien. We redefined Mojitoen with fresh passsion fruit, lemon grass and chili, served one billion coffee and apple martinis before we ended up back where it all started - with the honest and unadulterated stylish classic cocktails and our own personal and individual touch of this.

Our passion behind the bar and dedication to the bartender course is to create an atmosphere that we welcome our wish that extends longer than the usual classics and adds further added to our exciting cocktail list.

We are here to meet the wishes of our sweet guests and guarantee the full enjoyment. We are here not to promote ourselves and teach you dødkedelige spirits trivialities. We are here to provide guidance and information and we never compromise. Through this guide you as a player will be guaranteed a memorable experience ...


Rantzausgade 39, 2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 3535 8100


Opening Hours

Onsdag - Lørdag
18:00 - 02:00


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Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar
Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar
Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar
Gilt - Classic Cocktail Bar