The physiotherapists Sundhedens House

Modern physiotherapy clinic

Located on Day Hammerskjølds Street central Aalborg you will find the modern physiotherapy clinic physiotherapists Sundhedens House. They provide physiotherapy at a high professional level of treatment methods within the body and the musculoskeletal system is based on the latest research. The clinic offers include you:

  • ultrasonography
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rygundersøgelse
  • Pilates
  • Treatment of sports injuries
  • Treatment of torticollis
  • Treatment of neck pain
  • Pelvic floor training
  • Acupuncture

individual treatment

Physiotherapy clinic ask you a diagnosis after a thorough, well-executed processing work made with care and presence. The physiotherapists provide you with pleasure good knowledge on the prevention of joint and muscle damage. They offer all patients a specific, professional and individual treatment and, as part of the treatment activities offer training therapy in the clinic's training hall. Additionally, physiotherapists organize a training program exactly to your needs, if that's what you want. The training can also be done as a group exercise. The clinic organizes other words, the best possible treatment to the individual patient's needs and wishes.

Health Focus

The physiotherapists Sundhedens House attaches great importance to quality treatment. Well-trained physiotherapists, wheelchair accessible rooms and enclosed treatment rooms and a large training hall provides the framework for your particular health in focus. The clinic has among other things a good working relationship with doctors, specialists and nurses. One reason is that the clinic is located in Sundhedens house where several specialists within the established health system is employed. A well-established cooperation is helping to create the good treatment that the clinic guarantee you.

The best physiotherapists are not only skilled and professional experts in their subjects - they must also have empathy and good communication skills. At the same time they must be able to understand and read people's different needs. At the clinic in Sundhedens House can expect physiotherapists who possess these particular skills.

For further information on prices, supplements, therapies, products, etc., refer to their website . At physiotherapists Sundhedens house are you with security in good hands.