Frederik's Church - Marble Church

Frederik's Church - Marble Church

Marble Church is the famous and very beautiful church right next to Amalienborg. The church is very popular and there is all normal church activities in the Marble Church, all are welcome to attend.

Outline of the Marble Church history

Frederik's Church, "Marble Church" is a church with a distinctive history. Under Frederick the fifth and architect Nicolai Eigtved took a large and distinguished urban form. Sct. Annæ Square, Broad Street, Amalie Street and Frederick Street was expanded to its current appearance and appeared as the elegant area: Frederiksstaden with Amalienborg.

The district should have a focal point, and began a project to monument of the House of Oldenburg - Frederik V's church. Eigtved accounted church around 1740. It was intended far more pompous than the present. The dome should have been significantly higher and rested on the outer wall, a span of 45 m. Where it now rests on the 12 pills in a span of 31 m. It was intended flanked by two freestanding towers and a huge column portal. The room itself, however, has never been thought bigger.

1749 claimed that Frederick the fifth foundation stone for the church - an event as one of contemporary magazines "Post Horseman" portrayed October 31, 1749: "... it pleased His Royal Majesty to embark Her Royal Høyheds, Princess Charlotte Hauge udi Store Kongensgade where Hans Høy-venerable, sir. Bishop Hersleb first made a brief, but pithy and ziirlig speech after speech was ended, it pleased His Royal Majesty during paukkers and trumpets sound graciously to lay the first stone for the Church, the aforesaid space to be built, and was udi same Steen with His Royal Majesty's own Supreme hand to a deel costly shouting, and other medals both gold and silver. "and there is the even - a place under the present altar.

The architect Eigtved died in 1754, and the French architect Jardin continued building after a revised draft. Work progressed now more slowly, hampered by tightening appropriations for finally stopping under orders from Christian the Seventh cabinet minister Struensee 1770th

After the fall of Struensee a few years later was made several trials of a modified construction plan, including of classicism founder, architect CFHarsdorff. Other plans for the use of this church saw the light - concert room, monument to the Constitution, the Museum of Thorvaldsen's works and - believe it or not - gas tank. Meanwhile lay it down as a vacation spot and not least the motive for a series of 19th century's best painters.

Only at the end of the 19th century was completed construction. Tietgenkollegiet had in 1870 bought the ruin and the adjacent land then let Professor Meldahl redraft and complete the church that finally was inaugurated August 19, 1894.


Frederiksgade 4
1265 København K.

Contact info

Telefon: 33 15 01 44


Opening Hours

Mandag - Torsdag: 10-17
Fredag - Søndag 12-17

(lørdag dog fra kl. 10.00)


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Frederik's Church - Marble Church
Frederik's Church - Marble Church
Frederik's Church - Marble Church
Frederik's Church - Marble Church