Experiments with elite classes

Experiments with elite classes

The Government is satisfied that schools and municipalities forward can create elite classes. The proposal is part of the government coming school proposal which the Minister of Education will discuss with the parties to the agreement.
Aarhus Municipality has requested approval of the five-year study with elite classes, the municipality launched in 2008. The municipality was first aware that segregation of students according to their sporting level is contrary to the Education Act, in connection with a decision by the state administration on September 9 2010.

Only authorized trials

Education Minister Tina Nedergaard will ensure that the Ministry of Education as soon as possible formally approve the municipality's attempt, the five-year trial can be completed in accordance with local original design of experiments. Thus, the division of students according to their sporting level will be made legal in the trial. Derogation from the primary provisions of the Act with the exception of the objects clause and the provisions on teaching qualifications can now only be envisaged if it is in connection with experimentation. Other municipalities that have initiated trials with elite classes where students are divided according to their sporting level, without being aware that this is contrary to the Education Act, upon application could have a similar approval by the Municipality of Aarhus. Municipalities must apply for creating classes that attempt. "I would urge that the local authorities as soon as possible submit trial applications thereof. I can not with the current regulations provide a general authorization or exemption to the elite classes. I can only grant permission for experiments. Primary Education Act contains no general exemption basis that makes it possible to deviate from one or more provisions of this Act, "says Tina Nedergaard.

In the government school initiative

The Government welcomes the opportunity that schools and municipalities in future can create elite classes. "The proposal will be part of the government's upcoming primary school initiative, which of course I will discuss with the parties to the agreement. It is important to emphasize that it is a will, which alone includes elite. The government does not generally in favor of exclusionary elite classes. Education Rapporteur Christine Antorini (S) sharply criticizes the Social Democrats as conciliation party was not consulted. To avoid further confusion, I will make it clear that in relation to the settlement bonds is for the power to grant an exemption after attempting clause Minister of Education. Attempts themes-school and day school is covered by an agreement with the parties to the agreement of January 2008, "says Tina Nedergaard.

Parties to the agreement must only be notified

There is a firm political practice that the parties to the agreement will have concrete experiments presented. Parties to the agreement must only be notified. "If I or my predecessor in the circumstances has chosen to present a concrete attempt or an attempt theme of conciliation, there has only been talk about that conciliation has been given the opportunity to comment at a trial. It is the theme experiments international lines, inter alia, an example of. Of course there are examples that I as Minister of Education has taken into account the parties' views. But actually veto - which by law - there has been talk about, "says Tina Nedergaard. Source: Ministry of Education