Author school offers you a 2-year course that gives you the skills to try their hands at writing.

Studying at The Writers is a Website of activity, allowing you to get financial aid for your education. On Writers, you learn writing techniques, thorough knowledge of all kinds of literature, authors and working conditions, as well as listening to his own artistic muse and inspiration for future works. Many of the school's former students work not only as writers but also as editors, journalists, radio employees and others. Author school education can be used in several contexts.

The Writers is a recognized state financed art school in line with other higher creative programs such as Film School, fine arts and music academies. The school was founded in 1987 by Poul Borum and Per Aage Brandt in humble circumstances. The training took place first private, later in rented premises at the Art Academy in Copenhagen. Space conditions were very cramped, so a number of years, where the school was housed in a half room apartment (40 m2) in Christianshavn. The school's financial position was in this period very uncertain, as it depended on a grant from the Tips funds, which were applied for each year. Management and teachers' pay and working conditions were improvised.

Writers came by. January 1, 2004 the Finance and was thus also formally and economically equivalent to the other art schools. At the same time moved Writers to new and larger premises in connection with the Academy of Art in Copenhagen. These facilities have provided training as well as administration good conditions, in addition to the possibility of holding public events. The school's library, preferably consisting of donations from Poul Borum and Ulla Ryum has got a foothold in a way so that it is directly available for teaching.


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