One can find everything and learn a lot through the net. This also applies if you want to become better at writing or look for inspiration to expand your writing techniques that provide a more fluid writing. has been around for quite a few years on the net and have held online courses from it was possible to do this.

There are people from all over the world who take courses through Although the physical address is irrelevant since most courses are held online, the individual courses are held in cooperation with Film Factory at Moen. Here you can get out into nature and get new inspiration and here you can also meet the people behind

If you love to travel and write, you can also combine the two things with a trip to Cyprus and Turkey, along with

The three people behind are:

Annemette Fogh, who holds a Master. Mag. in both English, Italian and art history. She has many years of experience in translating texts with an art professional content, as well as literary texts. Annemette is also an author, writer and teacher.

Lars Rudolf Stadil trained in philosophy and has many educational and lyricist hours behind a high school teacher, reviewer and editor. He is also the author of both prose and non-fiction.

Gorm Rasmussen as the other two also author. His focus is on the lyrical and drama where manuscript Constitution and songwriting fits well. He has worked as a journalist and film documentarian. Additionally translator Gorm from English and Spanish, which he in the latter case also has a Bachelor of.

The phone is open every weekday from kl. 13-15, but you can also contact the Writers via our contact form here.

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