Advantageous student discounts in North Zealand Dental Center

Advantageous student discounts in North Zealand Dental Center

A good dentist is a dentist who meets you in life where you are.

In North Zealand Dental Center is done largely by giving student discount on dental visits during the study period, which is also a contributing factor to more students choosing dental visits for despite an otherwise tight economic situation.

Regular visits to the dentist is in fact one of the things that students often choose from when it going to the dentist can be associated with having to pay a larger sum of money.

Fortunately, you as a patient at North Zealand Dental Center not to dig deep in your pocket to pay to go to the dentist - here you get namely advantageous student discounts !

Good dental habits throughout life

In the struggle to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile for life are good regular dental habits a particularly important parameter. Do you rest on your laurels for a long time, and avoid thus the regular dental examinations, increases the risk of serious dental problems encountered for every time that passes.

From North Zealand Dental Centers side of there is a great desire to provide quality dental care to people of all ages. Our cheapest treatment is preventive dentistry, but creates a need for more targeted treatment, you can of course get student discount on free services .

All you have to do is show your student before starting treatment.

Get in on the favorable student discounts

Would you like to make an active effort to take care of your teeth? But is your SU an obstacle? So there is good reason to be patient in North Zealand Dental Center, where you can also look forward to additional discounts if you are a member of the Health Insurance Denmark.

North Zealand Dental Center has a sincere desire to provide good help and advice so that you can maintain a beautiful smile for life. For this reason, both you who want to switch to North Zealand Dental Clinic, and you have not been at the dentist for a long time, feel free to share in the advantageous student discounts , as North Zealand Dental Center offers all students.