Fodterapeut School

Fodterapeut School

On Fodterapeut School in Copenhagen can be trained chiropodist who takes care of patients with fodlidelser. Teaching is both theoretical and practical - also need to go through a clinic program where you receive training on an actual workplace.


Training of chiropodist is regulated by the Ordinance on the Bachelor of chiropodist, order no. 5 of 08/01/2009. You can see the text by clicking here .

Refer Order § 16, the educational institution to determine the modalities for training in a training scheme.

Curriculum contains 13 points that you can see the submenus to this page.

The link you can get the education system in a printer-friendly version: Curriculum

Be patient

Would you like to be patient at the chiropodist school?

If you are interested in a visitationstid you can contact the school at tel. 3535 6622 (daily between the hours. 9:00 and 12:00)
or email

To be patient, you first need for a feasibility study / visitation where we assess whether you are suitable as a patient. There should be foot problems that can be included in the education of students. The visitation is of course free.

We can offer

  • cutting of nails
  • grinding of thickened nails
  • removal of calluses
  • removal of corns
  • treatment of ingrown nail
  • individually produced posts
  • instructions for self-care of the feet

All treatments take place in accordance with the "Law on patients' rights" and planned in collaboration between the patient, student and teacher. The treatment is performed by the student, then teacher follows up.

Will you be admitted as a patient, we expect to:

  • you meet on time
  • you call cancellation as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. Is the attendance at the same day please call yet. 8.00 - No show or late cancellation we apply a penalty.
  • you are motivated to receive advice and guidance
  • you have the opportunity to come to school during the day and turn into treatments for 1 to 2 hours
  • You understand that by graduation and holidays you must use a certified podiatrist in town
  • you want to participate as a patient in the education of our students - in both the practical and the theoretical part

As long as your foot problems can be part of the education of students, you can expect to be patient at the school.


Titangade 13 A
2200 København N

Contact info

Telefon: 3535 6622

Opening Hours

Dagligt mellem 8 - 14


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