Common Scholarship for students

Belongs to this/these group of educations

Not specified

Meant for

Financially needy

Application deadline

2nd quarter


Legacy applicants young resident in Slagelse, as support for education - school or professional - after the end of compulsory education.


The scholarship will only be awarded to young people who lived in Slagelse before municipal amalgamation on 1 January 2007. Only applicants from these persons can be considered.

How to apply for the scholarship?

The grant will be posted in late March on and searched in April. The pool which is approximately 6,000 kr. - 12,000 kr. Awarded in one or more portions.


Applications must be sent to: Center for School Torvegade 24, 2. sal 4200 Slagelse


Susanne Hammer Hansen Email: Tel. 58 57 31 36