Get more air in the pressured economy

Get more air in the pressured economy

There is simply no way around: Students have a squeezed economy, where there is no room for world wide expulsions and many unforeseen expenses. But why are they so tight an economy and what can you do about it?

First of all, it is quite obvious why students have a tight economy. You have put the SU in such a way that you may be able to pay exactly your home and food, but in addition there is no room for much more. At best, you can save a bit for study books, but it is a fact that most people either get money from parents, have a student job or take student loans.

However, there are ways to save money so you can get some extra air in the economy and make life a little more enjoyable. It's about saving in selected areas. Often you can save a lot more than you think so it might be worth trying.

We've gathered some areas where you can save money if you're just a little creative.

Save on your purchases

This is one of the great culprits, because many students are trading every day, and it's something that can cost you money on the long run. Supermarkets are designed for the purpose of luring us to buy more than we need. It is carefully thought out and you should therefore be careful.

Purchase large quantities once a week, and make sure to make a careful shopping list so that there are no unnecessary items in the basket. There can be really a lot of money to save that way, especially if you go on offer bargain.

Buy your study books used

The study books are an ever-returning nightmare for students who have to pay thousands of dollars each year for new books. You can change that if you make sure that you buy your study books as far as possible.

There are many who stop studying every year or who no longer need specific books, and who too could spend a little money. Take advantage of this and purchase their used study books. There can be really a lot of money to save.

Choose the right broadband subscription

When young people buy the internet, they often buy a connection that is too fast compared to their needs. It can be a great pleasure in the long run, so why not sit down and be absolutely sure what you really need?

Find the best broadband for your needs at, where you can easily and quickly compare the largest and best providers in the country. There is no need to pay in expensive judgments, if you can not care less, especially not when you are a poor student whose finances are tight enough in advance.