Get job through Facebook

Get job through Facebook

Should you find your next job on Facebook?
Corporate presence on Facebook is nothing new. We have long to find the strongest brands with groups and pages. And Webshops ol have long used the ads on the right pages to advertise. But a new trend is peeping out. More and more companies are starting to use Facebook when they need to recruit new employees. This is especially to find the best young talents.

Great success

One of the companies that have had great success with using Facebook to recruit young employees, DR. They have used their Facebook page to combine efforts to find future students and trainees.

Facebook Index

At Career medium for young, they have already spotted the trend. Here they try to create an index of companies that use Facebook Pages to recruitment. "We think it's very exciting to many of our customers want us to make Facebook Pages for them. Even more exciting, we think the opportunities one Facebook gives young people are. Therefore we would like to lead the young to these pages through a index of Facebook Pages. "says Mads Bundgaard, Company Director What do you think about businesses use Facebook to find new employees? Join the debate below. See also Studenterguidens large student section, which is made in cooperation with by clicking here. Source: