Espresso House - Aalborg

Espresso House is the fastest growing coffee chain in the Nordic region and has over 220 cafes located in several countries. In Denmark you will find, among other things, Espresso House located in Aarhus, Copenhagen and in Odense. In Aalborg you will find both Espresso House in several different locations, including at the address Østerågade 11 in the heart of Aalborg.

All Espresso House's coffee shops have cozy rooms where you can meet up with friends or enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Espresso House is generally a cafe for coffee lovers, as most of the products on the menu are mainly coffee drinks in various shades. In addition, as I said, the whole basis of Espresso House is that you get there because you love coffee. That being said, however, it is also possible to enjoy other types of drinks. You can get tea, hot cocoa, iceblends and iced tea. Besides drinks, it is also possible to get some small meals, such as pasta salad or ciabatta balls, if you are a little hungry. There is also a large selection of cakes including cookies, cinnamon snails, muffins. All this can be enjoyed for your hot coffee or ice-cold iceblend. Cake for coffee is also a human right, so Espresso House definitely has a cake that suits your taste.

On the menu at Espresso House you will find a lot of different things to choose from, depending on your mood, whether you need a bite to eat, something cold or hot to drink or maybe a nice piece of cake. For example, cold drinks include delicious iced tea and lemonade, but you can also get cold coffee drinks such as Frapino and their delicious ice latte. From hot drinks you will find different coffee drinks from around the world as they at Espresso House love coffee. If, on the other hand, you are not into coffee, don't worry: you can also get a hot dark chocolate, a nice hot tea or a delicious chailatte. If you need a bite to eat, either on the go or to enjoy in the cafe, you will also find a nice selection of this at Espresso House. This can be a delicious salad, sandwich or yogurt, for example, be it breakfast, lunch or just a snack. Their baked goods come from their own bakery, Espresso House Bakery in Malmö. Here, their main focus is that the quality is top notch. If you want to get something sweet for your coffee, you can try their chocolate cup or maybe a cookie.

At Espresso House they have something different to offer whatever the season is outside. In the summer you can enjoy a delicious ice coffee in the sun, in the autumn you can try their popular pumpkin spice latte and up for Christmas you can try some of their different Christmas specials.

Therefore, also recommends it to students who want to be able to relax or read while enjoying a warm Cappuccino or a nice cold iced tea. A good coffee you will definitely find at Espresso House. Want to know more, read more on the Espresso House website or check out their Instagram .


Østerågade 11, 9000 Aalborg

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Mandag – onsdag: 07:30 - 20:00
Torsdag – fredag: 07:30 - 21:00
Lørdag: 08:30 - 20:30
Søndag: 08:30 - 19:00