Are you a student and would you like to start a webshop?

Are you a student and would you like to start a webshop?

More students will be self-employed and entrepreneurship starts already during the study period. According to a survey from ASE, more than every third student perceives his career as self-employed as being more attractive than his career as an employee. Of this, it was about the same percentage that found it likely that they would start business within the next 5 years. At the same time, many students choose to start their entrepreneurship with a webshop. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, you will find some tips on how to get more success with marketing your online store online.


Understand your target audience and your competitors

There are really many things to consider when entering a new market. There can be a lot of competition and it can be difficult to figure out who's exactly the same. It is therefore important to start by competing a competitor and keyword analysis to identify the potential and challenges of your market. A competitor and keyword analysis provides insight into what keywords your audience uses and how much traffic and competition is on them. In addition, a deep keyword analysis will also provide information on which topics and questions you should answer through the content of your new webshop. Once you know what your target audience is looking for, the work on producing and targeting your content will be much more effective.

Answer the users' questions with your content

Content is an important part of your marketing. With content, you tell the target audience and search engines who you are and what you offer. For search engines, it means that they can place you in search results on relevant keywords that will generate traffic to your webshop. Without traffic, your webshop is just a deserted island so it's important that you work on getting lots of relevant traffic in there. You should also put additional emphasis on producing good content for your webshop. Good content answers the users' questions and meets their intentions. Eg. If they are ready to buy, seek information or directions if you have a physical store.


Opens its visibility with SEO optimization

If a large part of your audience searches for your products in Google, then it's important that your search engine optimization (SEO) work. At Citona we have been working on SEO optimization for a very many years and here is the goal of getting your webshop highly ranked on relevant keywords. There are also many factors that play in the overall calculation. In addition to the fact that content is essential, optimization is also required on many other parameters, including both on-site and off-site in the form of linkbuilding from external media. Want to know more about what these parameters cover, you can find more information in our SEO guide or on our blog.


Strengthen your sales with advertising in Google Adwords

As a student, you probably do not have the very big marketing budget at the start. However, if you have worked with SEO as described above, you might already have started generating revenue in your webshop. In this case, you can take the step further and look at your opportunities within advertising. When it comes to advertising, we basically recommend Google Adwords, as the options here are huge. With a webshop, you can use Google Shopping to get visual product ads in search results. These ads only come when the target groups are searching specifically for your product, which means their conversion rate is often far higher than more traditional marketing. If you choose to use Google Adwords, it is also important with continuous optimization. This is where you can really increase your ROI and it is therefore also important that you set up an analytics tool like Google Analytics with e-commerce tracking. If you want to know more about how to do this, feel free to contact us. The solution will depend on which webshop you have.

Starting a webshop as a student can be a big mouthful. There are really many things to investigate, content to produce, and things to analyze to make the results good. We hope this guide will help you see the opportunities and to move on with your entrepreneurial dream.