Half a million test successfully completed

Half a million test successfully completed

At nearly two thousand Danish schools have been carried out more than half a million national test since Jan. 10. That is the conclusion of the second compulsory test round that has just been completed successfully.
"Now we can shift the focus from engineering to education." Such is the satisfied conclusion from Education Minister Troels Lund Poulsen (V). From January 10 to April 29, 2011, the second round of the compulsory national tests have been conducted in elementary schools. A total of 520,000 test the country's primary school pupils conducted in 1,950 schools. The Minister continued: "The technique is running, and it has become commonplace for the tests in the best sense. Now we will therefore heavily focused on the educational follow-up on the test results. We go around and make presentations to school principals and local authorities, and we are ready with inspiration material for teachers and leaders. "The material focuses on how to follow up the results of the national test, and about the many teachers practical experience pedagogical monitoring. The material is in the form of a printed booklet already sent to all the country's schools.

Exemption and absence

A small percentage of the country's students have been exempted from the tests in the few cases where the school determines that a student can not complete a test with a result that can contribute to the continuous professional evaluation of the student. In the cases of using school other appropriate evaluation methods instead of the national tests. Students who due to illness or absence has not reached to complete the tests before 29 April will make it sick period from 6 to 24 June. Booking opens to sickness period Monday, May 16th. Here you will find the booklet: Using the test results. Inspiration for educational use of the results from the national tests (pdf)


The national tests were introduced in 2007 and is an evaluation tool to lift the Danish pupils' academic level. Every spring implements students a mandatory round of national tests in the following subjects: * Danish, reading for the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th grade * math for 3rd and 6th grade * Biology for 8th grade * physics / chemistry 8th grade * geography for 8th grade. The compulsory round will be followed by an optional round of schools in the fall. Read more about the national tests of Quality and Supervision Agency's website ktst.dk Source: UVM.dk