Elstrup Physiotherapy

Thorough physical therapy and treatment
At Elstrup Physiotherapy you get a thorough examination and treatment. I set aside plenty of time to research and process. In collaboration with you, I will identify the causes of your problems. From here we will find the optimal treatment for you whether you have pain in the body or need any relaxing massage.
Among other things, the clinic offers:

Thorough examination and treatment
Treatment of shoulder pain
Treatment of sports injuries
Treatment of headaches
Treatment of neck pain
GLA: D training
Massages such as physical surgical massage and wellness massage
Treatment of knee pain and hip pain

Individual examination and treatment
You always get a study that targets you and your problems. I use some manual treatment to both diagnose and find the best treatment for your particular problem. With many years of experience in treatment and examination, you are in good hands. I have been to several private clinics and previously been an independent physiotherapist in Norway. In all my workplaces, I have gained experience and sparred with other skilled therapists (manual therapists, chiropractors, reflexology therapist, masseur and other physical therapists). In addition, I have taken many courses at home and abroad, read the latest scientific studies and even done research to better myself.

Physiotherapy and massage
Elstrup Physiotherapy offers physiotherapy and massage. It is recommended to work with the cause of the problem, why massage can be a good symptom treatment next to other treatment eg training, exercises and ergonomic advice. Massage can be a good choice against tense muscles, headaches, stress, anxiety and other mental disorders, including as touch and pressure trigger natural hormones for the benefit of the body.

If you want to find prices, more about Elstrup Physiotherapy and other beneficial information, please visit their website. You can also read more about massage and the various massage forms such as physiourgical massage and wellness massage.



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