Students got diplomas for talent

Students got diplomas for talent

60 talented high school students have participated in the Academy for Talented Youth. The Minister congratulated the young people and stressed that we need to identify and develop talent if we are to ensure welfare in Denmark.
Talent is one of government's key areas of focus within the educational system. Therefore doled Education Tina Nedergaard January 10 diplomas to participants in the Academy for Talented Youth. The award came at a diploma celebration at North High School in Brønshøj. The 60 participants have completed a three-year program alongside their regular secondary education in the Capital Region. Here they have followed a versatile seminar series and thus expanded their budding academic vision.

The best in its class

One of the participants was Louise Skydsbjerg Friis, 18, who graduates from Gladsaxe Gymnasium this summer. "In 1 g I was tapped on the shoulder and asked if I would participate, because I had the best proficiency marks in my class. It has given a good social network to join. When I am a student, I will take a gap year and then at the university, "says Louise Skydsbjerg Friis. Several of her friends are planning to become scientists. Although she has not yet decided what she will study, but it should be no social science. It is the area that she especially has concentrated on high school and Academy for Talented Youth. Louise Skydsbjerg Friis, like the other young people spent 10-15 hours per semester to meet a number of the country's leading scientists for lectures and academic workshops, participate in an academic summer camp and participate in a mentoring at a higher education.

We need talent

Education Minister Tina Nedergaard congratulated the young. "We need talent if we are to compete on knowledge and education. Denmark's competitiveness and excellence in the global community is essential for us to ensure our future prosperity and thus welfare. It's not a given case, we are richer than others or average are better than others. We must fight for, so we need to spot talent and develop them, "the minister said. Academy for Talented Youth is funded by the Capital Region and funds from the Ministry of Education's efforts talent. The project is offered to students in the metropolitan area that has the desire and need for additional intellectual challenges alongside their secondary education. Source: Ministry of Education